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Every semester, the chapter leadership asks SPC RN to BSN faculty for a list of students they recommend inviting into this exclusive honor society. Students recommended must have at least half of the program completed and be in the top 35% of the program according to GPA to be eligible for membership. As you can see, an invitation into this honor society is only for the elite and top of the class students. Employers view membership in this honor society as a sign of leadership in nursing and academic achievement.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Marc Rosales if you have any questions at 727-341-3695

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. At career day, all of the nursing managers as well as the recruiters stated they recognize this international membership on a resume as an accomplishment only offered to the top 35% of RN to BSN students or nursing leaders. Nurses who are members demonstrate a commitment to the development of professional nursing leaders. Let me put it this way as well...over 360 students were eligible and only 68 students will be getting an invitation. This is a very elite honor society and employers are aware of this.
Membership is $108 for the first year ($73 goes to the international organization, $35 to the chapter). If you turn it down though, you won't get another chance to join. If you pay the first year's fee and then decide you don't like it and decide to not renew your membership fee the next year, you are still a member- just "inactive." So, 20 years from now if you decide it is to your benefit to get back into STTI, you can re-activate your membership.
The ceremony is Monday, April 23rd. You can RSVP after you get the invitation by mail or when you accept your membership. It's a really nice ceremony that students really enjoy celebrating with their family and friends. All chapter events can be found by clicking here.
If you can't attend the ceremony, all of your membership materials will be mailed to you after the ceremony.
Honor cords are given to students for free ONLY if they attend the ceremony. You can still purchase them on your own when you accept your membership for $18/each. You can also purchase a stole which are $35/each if you wish when you accept your membership.
Yes, there is a certificate you will receive as well as the rest of your membership materials. You will get these at the ceremony or they will be sent to your address by mail if you do not attend the ceremony.
There is no obligation to do anything in the chapter. The benefits you get by being a part of the chapter are numerous such as eligibility for professional development grant funds, free CEUs, and local nursing leader networking opportunities. Every January, the chapter hosts a gala at Maggiano's where you can have dinner and network. The next one in January is only $10 to attend and that pays for a couple drinks and dinner. The chapter also runs a drive around Christmas for local seniors who are struggling and another drive for children in the spring. There are also several other local volunteer opportunities if you choose to get involved.
An official invitation will be arriving via email in the next few weeks and you have to accept no later than April 2nd. Your name will also be posted on the Chapter table outside of room 219 for your classmates to see your achievement. Once you accept your invitation, a decal will be placed next your name to recognize you. Also, If you can't find the email or you didn't get the email invitation, candidates invited by the Upsilon Psi Chapter can access their invitation by going to Scroll down to the bottom and click I am accepting an invitation to join and then enter your information.
It is truly an honor to have an SPC RN-BSN faculty member go out of their way to recommend you as the student they feel is most exceptional and you should be recognized for this! However, if you still choose not to accept and celebrate your accomplishment, we ask you to please click here and let us know why you have chosen to not be recognized.
You can find information about serving on the chapter board as a chapter leader by clicking here. Volunteer oppotunities can be found by clicking here. As for attending an event, all of the chapter events can be found by clicking here.